Why You Should Repair Your Roof Flashing Now

One of the most common reasons for roof water damage is because of different roof flashing problems. From torn rubber to missing nails, cracks in the boot, and other similar issues, your roof flashing or vent boot might need replacing or repair. If you’ve been putting off this project for some time, Kozy Kollar can think of two important reasons to do it now:

Winter is coming

Kozy Kollar is a company based in New England, which means we experience all that winter has to offer, including snow, ice, and rain. Following winter is a wet spring and it’s essential to provide your home with the best defense against the elements before water damage becomes a more significant problem.

Your home and family deserve the correct protection

The correlation between roof flashing defects and dangers created by water damage is undeniable. Structural damage to the framing, roof sags, insulation damage, mold, hazards related to electrical work, and stains can all be caused by old, damaged, or improperly installed roof flashing. Not only can it impact the integrity of your home, but it can also impede on the health of your family.

We know one of the most significant concerns for homeowners who need to repair the flashing around their vent or pipes is the risk of getting on the roof. With so many roof falls reported every year, we don’t blame you and your hesitation. For that reason alone, the Kozy Kollar was invented. We are the only roof flange that can be installed from inside your attic, which eliminates the chance of injury. Our simple instructions will have a new, secure flange attached to your roof in only a few minutes and your home will be safe from further damage.

Now, it’s time to get that flashing prepared. With more questions about our roof flashing and vent boots, please contact the Kozy Kollar team today by calling (603) 598-1192.