Ron and Sonny in 1994 holding the final wood model of the PV-3.

The top and underside of first concept model of the Kozy Kollar . The frame was made using copper pipe, what else would a couple of plumbers use?

A metal frame is added to the third Kozy Kollar development.

The fourth version has a arched end to allow for the Diverting gasket to be fitted. The seal was not perfected yet but we’re gettng close.

This wooden model now has the Diverting Seal that will go along with the Main Seal and assure that the Kozy Kollar will work every time.

A 2017 photo of Ron and Sonny holding the PV-3. Looks like the Kozy Kollar aged better then we did!

The Fish Tank Display

The Fish Tank Display was used at counter days and trade shows. The tank has Lexan sides and bottom and was mounted on a plywood box.

The inside of the tank was shingled and a Kozy Kollar was installed. We would fill it with 4 to 5 gallons of water to show how well the Kollar sealed the shingled tank bottom and around the pipe.

A local supply house would let us use the Fish Tank as a counter display for extended periods of time.

Apparently a mischievous plumber decided to have some fun and slid the pipe up so it was just inside the Koller. It did not take long before a curious customer reached in the tank to play with the pipe.

With just the slightest movement the pipe came out and 5 gallons of water poured out soaking the customer, flooding the counter and floor! I don’t think the tank finished draining before we received the call telling us to “ Get that thing outa here”. The Fish Tank has since retired from public life.

The Rain Display

The Rain Display ran water down the roof section to show how the Diverting Seal directs most of the water around the Kollar.

This display was used when smoking was allowed indoors, funny it doesn’t seem that long ago. At an Indiana PHCC show we noticed people stopping for a few seconds to look at the display which is exactly what we hoped they would do.

At some point we realized they weren't as interested in our product as we thought they were. People were using the display as an ash tray! The display was full of cigarette butts!

At Kozy Kollar we try to do everything we can to keep the cost down. The Rain Display is a perfect example.

Using scrap aluminum angle, a used Taco circulator, old tank stand, shower drain, copper, and PVC pipe and fittings we put this display together for less then $30.

We truly are a couple of frugal N.H. Yankees!

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