Inside Story

It took many years of development and time for creators Ron and Sonny to perfect the Kozy Kollar and EV-4 before feeling confident in these alternative flashing and exhaust hood solutions! Here's a little more about how this product can work so well:

Roof Collar: Molded with our own EPDM compound and completely encasing the Main Frame.

Main Frame: A .125” steel frame with six case hardened pem nuts pressed in place.

Mounting Plates: Two .104” galvanized steel plates.

Form-A-Gasket: 1½ ounce tube of Permatex #2 Nonhardening Gasket Sealant

Hardware: Six ¼” x 2½” rods will allow for varying roof thickness with easy to handle Rod Couplings

The Main Frame is a rectangular steel frame molded into the Roof Kollar and serves as a flange to compress the three gasket systems of both Kozy Kollar products.

The Main Seal is molded into the bottom of and extends completely around the Kollar. When pressure is applied, it compresses forming a seal on the irregular surfaces of the roof.

Form- A Gasket is a non-hardening, pliable sealant that is applied in the caulking channel of the Main Frame. The material is forced by pressure into any voids not sealed by the Main Seal.

The Diverting Seal is located along three of the outside perimeters of the Kollar leaving the bottom open for drainage. Once installed the Diverting Seal forms a snug fitting gasket designed to divert water around the Kollar.

The result? A quick and easy installation that pays for itself! You no longer have to risk your safety and climb on a roof to install these products. They can be installed at any time, by any person! All you need is our simple instructions, and you're ready to go.