Kozy Kollar Started as an Idea and Became So Much More.

After years spent in the plumbing industry, Kozy Kollar creators Ron and Sonny watched their friends and employees climb onto roofs to complete pipe flashing installs and end up facing a variety of injuries. They knew there had to be an easier solution to this task, and began developing the first product of its kind: the Kozy Kollar.

The Kozy Kollar is the only flashing/flange kit that can be installed from within the home and over roofing materials. As technology advanced and their product was perfected, Ron and Sonny were certain there were customers out there who would benefit from this product. Since the launch 23 years ago, a half million Kozy Kollars have helped keep tradesmen and homeowners off of roofs, ultimately protecting them from potential danger. It has proven to be a simple solution to problems faced by many, and the Kozy Kollar team couldn’t be happier with the results.

Recently, we have also launched the Kozy Kollar Exhaust Hood EV-4, which is the ideal solution for anyone who has faced mold and mildew caused by improperly installed bathroom fan exhausts. Similar to the Kozy Kollar, it can be installed from inside the home and is completely safe to complete, no matter the weather.

The Kozy Kollar team has always put our customers first, and we will continue to do so for years to come! We understand the importance of fast, safe, and affordable roofing solutions, and we would love to show you what the Kozy Kollar or Exhaust Hood EV-4 can offer you.