Stay Safe This Spring: Replace Roof Flashing from the Inside

If your roof flashing is old, cracked, leaking, or otherwise compromised, you might think you have to call a roofer or climb up on the roof yourself to replace it. Our team at Kozy Kollar is happy to inform you that’s not the case. With our products, you can replace your roof flashing from the inside of your house. There’s no need to spend money hiring a roofer or risk life and limb climbing around on the roof.


With Kozy Kollar, it’s easy to install roof flashing safely from the inside. Here’s how the installation works.


Step One: Position and Cut

All our products come with a template to help you position and mark where you will install the flashing. Position the template between the roof rafters and outline it with a marker. Use a sawzall to cut any roofing nails so the lower mounting plate is flush with the sheathing. Next, use a reciprocating saw with a rough-in blade to cut out the mark you made. Stay inside your line to ensure the hole isn’t too big.


roof flashing

Step Two: Place and Seal

Install four of the six threaded studs in the corners and apply a thin bead of sealant into the caulking channel of the primary seal. Pass the flashing through the hole and position it on the shingles. The four studs you installed will hold it in place.


Step Three: Mount and Tighten

Once the flashing is in the right position, install the remaining threaded studs, the lower mounting plates, and the rod couplings. Kozy Kollar products require compression to work, so it’s vital to tighten the rod couplings. If you have a torque wrench, tighten them to 3 foot-pounds. If you don’t have a torque wrench, tighten the couplings until the lower mounting plates begin to distort.


Safe and Easy Roof Flashing from Kozy Kollar

Installing roof flashing is safe and easy with Kozy Kollar. Anyone can do it with just a few tools. The installation process is simple, and you can find more detailed instructions and helpful videos on our website. Whether you’re installing a roof flange or an exhaust hood, you can do it yourself and stay off the roof with Kozy Kollar.


Do you have questions about our products or the installation process? Contact our team at (603) 598-1192 today!