Is It Time to Replace Your Roof Flashing?

Flashing is a crucial part of your roof that helps prevent leaks around gaps and breaks in the roofing material. These gaps include chimneys, vents, skylights, dormers, or any spot where the roofing material has to be interrupted. To ensure your flashing is still effective, you should check it periodically and replace it when it wears out. At Kozy Kollar, we make roof flashing products that are safe and easy to install when it’s time to replace your roof flashing.


Here are some common signs and circumstances that mean you need new roof flashing.


Leaks or Visible Damage

Leaks can spring anywhere on your roof, but they usually start around the flashing. Check inside your home and attic for signs of water damage, mold, or mildew growth, as those usually occur before water starts dripping from your ceiling. These signs can be subtle, so don’t ignore anything that looks like it might be caused by a leak. You should also visually inspect your flashing for obvious signs of damage.


Loose or Missing Flashing

While you’re checking your flashing for leaks, you should also keep an eye out for loose or missing flashing. After a storm, flashing can become dislodged or come off your roof entirely. When that happens, there is nothing to seal the gaps in your roofing, and water can easily get into your home. You should inspect your flashing at least once a year, but it’s always wise to take another look after severe weather.


Aging or Replaced Roof

No matter how high-quality your flashing is, it will wear out over time. If your roof is over 20 years old, you should pay extra attention to the flashing and roofing materials. Many materials will last longer than 20 years, but that’s often about the time they start to show signs of age. Likewise, if you replaced your roof, you should also replace the flashing. There’s no sense in getting a brand new roof but leaving your old flashing in place.


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Kozy Kollar | Safe and Easy Roof Flashing Installation

At Kozy Kollar, we believe that maintaining your home should be simple. That’s why we’ve developed products that are safe and easy to install. Whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or not, you’ll be able to handle our products with ease.


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