Why Does Your Bathroom Need Venting?

When you’re building or renovating your home, you might be looking for ways to cut costs. Does your bathroom really need a vent? The answer is a definite yes—take a look at why installing a bathroom vent is essential.

In general, bathrooms are very humid rooms. Hot showers and constant running water mean the room gets warm and humid quickly. You need a vent to push this humidity out of the room, or the moisture will seep into the walls and ceiling. This will lead to a lot of issues, such as peeling linoleum or rusty appliances. If you have wooden beams in your home, the moisture can get into the wood and cause it to rot. All these problems are simple to avoid just by venting the bathroom.

Bathroom vents will also be tremendously helpful with odor in the room. Many times the bathroom is the worst-smelling room in the house, and there are times you will want it vented quickly. Even if you believe that odors won’t bother you, venting them is still good for your health. Bad smells can also carry bacteria and other toxins. These are things you want to be pushed out of your home quickly, so be sure to vent the bathroom.

If you’re still looking to save money on your home renovation, then you shouldn’t look at why you need a bathroom vent—but instead, how to install it. A roof flashing kit is the best inexpensive option for your home. There’s no need to pay a professional to climb up on your roof to install the vent. You can just install the vent and roof flashing from directly inside the bathroom. Use the roof flashing with your preferred vent, or take a look at Kozy Kollar’s exhaust hood options.


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