A Safe Bathroom Vent Solution

Homeowners know the importance of proper ventilation throughout the home.  Areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, and basement tend to hold moisture.  If not adequately ventilated, moisture can lead to mold and mildew.  It is essential to have the proper bathroom vent solution installed to avoid potential health risks for you and your family.  Kozy Kollar designed an easy-to-install solution that keeps you off the roof.  Versatile with several types of roofing materials, the Kozy Kollar is the only product of its kind that is installed from the interior of your home.

Step One

After selecting an area to install from inside of your home, square the template between the roof rafters and outline with a marker. Using a Sawzall, cut any roofing nails in the area of the lower mounting plate flush with the sheathing. Next, use a reciprocating saw with a rough-in blade to cut them out the marked template. The downward pull of the blade will cut the shingles cleanly. Do not cut outside the line.

Step Two

Install four of the six threaded studs, and apply a thin bead of the sealant supplied with the Kozy Kollar or EV-4 into the caulking channel of the primary seal. Pass the Kozy Kollar or EV-4 through the opening and position it on the shingles. The four corner studs will hold the Kollar or EV-4 in place.

Step Three

Install the remaining studs, the lower mounting plates, and rod couplings. The Kozy Kollar and EV-4 require compression to work. Starting with the top studs, tighten the rod couplings to approximately 3 ft. lbs. If a torque wrench is not available, tighten the rod couplings until the lower mounting plates begin to distort.


With easy installation, your home will be protected in no time at all.  Kozy Kollar products are an ideal bathroom vent solution that provides safety and eliminates potential health concerns.  Patented and proven, the risk of falling off the roof during installation is gone.  Whether your home has shingles or a metal roof, Kozy Kollar Manufacturing has you covered.  Visit Kozy Kollar online to view their line of products