Welcome to Kozy Kollar: The Cheapest and Safest Way to Install Roof Flashing

At Kozy Kollar, we know that you have a great deal of options when considering roof flashing. The difference between us and our competition is that we found a way to shave off labor time as well as making roof flashing far more affordable and safe. Buying a roof flashing kit with Kozy Kollar will prove to you that installing roof flashing will only take one person and only ten minutes to install. Also, our roof flashing is installed from within the home or building, saving you time and increasing safety; keeping you off of the roof and off of the ladder.

An image showing a home with metal roof flashing.

With Kozy Kollar, installation is done in three easy and safe steps; whether on a metal or an asphalt roof.

An image showing a home with asphalt roof flashing

Please take this opportunity to peruse our website to learn just how effective our roof flashing methods really are. And feel free to contact us at: (603)-598-1192