Roof Vent Boot: Easy and Safe Installation

It’s no secret that one of the biggest threats to our homes is water-damage inflicted by the roof. Water damage is one of the most common problems facing home owners today and much of that water creeping into our homes. The moisture from outside your home leads to structural damage as well as the formation of problematic mold and mildew. When you start to notice damages in your roof, you may search the internet for subjects like roof vent boot, roof flashing, and roof flange. And you wouldn’t be wrong to start there.

However, when searching for tips or tricks to help solve your roof problems, you’re more than likely to come across methods of keeping your roof water tight by climbing up onto the roof yourself and dangerously fumbling with metal roof flashing. Only Kozy Kollar offers products that can keep you safe while effectively fixing any water-damage you may have in your roof.

Kozy Kollar’s Many Benefits

Everyone has heard countless horror stories about roof work. Everything from falling off of ladders to falling off the roof itself to being exposed to the outside environment’s elements to simply wasting a great deal of time on top of your roof are all potential threats that can materialize when you try to install roof flashing the traditional, dangerous way. Not only are the traditional ways of fixing your roof flashing dangerous, but they’re also time consuming and usually very expensive.

With the products we make available, you can easily install effective roof flashing from inside the building with one man in 10 minutes. Our Kozy Kollar also works on conventional shingles, architectural shingles, rolled roofing materials, and metal roofs. It also forms a weather tight seal on four sides, can be installed in any weather, and you won’t have to risk your life installing your flashing by climbing onto your roof.