Kozy Kollar: Roof Flashing Without the Stress

Roof flashing from Kozy KollarLet’s face it. Roofing and all manner of roof work is something no one looks forward to. However, the plain fact is that every property owner has got to come to terms with roof work at some time or another. A damaged roof is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to potential damage to your home. Luckily, with Kozy Kollar, you can get effective roof flashing that keeps you inside your home during installation!

It’s New England. It’s winter. You don’t even want to go scrape the ice off your car, much less scramble onto the sides and the roof of your home. What you want to do is stay home with a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate and rest assured knowing that your current roof flashing is keeping up its end of the bargain – ensuring you have a water tight roof. So you’re sitting there, content and thankful to be lazy and comfortable, when something compels you to look upward and you see that dreaded water stain growing through your ceiling.

What to Do

Your peace now disturbed, you curse your current roof flashing and whoever installed it. You frantically shuffle through possible scenarios about how you’re going to deal with this roof problem before it begins to cause severe structural damage to your home. How much will this cost? Do I have to risk my neck traversing up onto that icy roof? How much more coffee will I need to get this sorted out? Your mind becomes like a turbulent sea storm – anything and everything negative invades your brain and it all seems like too much to deal with. It’s a wintery panic attack from which you don’t know how to escape.

And then, like sunlight piercing dark clouds, you think, “Kozy Kollar!”

“I can install roof flashing with Kozy Kollar’s roof flashing from inside my home and bypass all the terrible possibilities that seemingly always come with roof problems!”

Your heart rate decreases, your sweating subsides, and your mind finds peace again. Now, after calling Kozy Kollar, you think, “Should I have coffee or hot chocolate?”

If you’re interested in safe and effective roof flashing, contact us at: 603-598-1192