Dangers of Traditional Roof Flashing Installation  

Traditionally, issues with roof ventilation had to be handled from the roof. Makes sense, right? But with this comes it’s own concerns. At Kozy Kollar, we’ve redefined what it takes to accomplish a successful roof flashing installation.


Careful on the Ladder!

Traditionally, the first step to installing a roof flashing system would be to climb on to the roof. You would have first to obtain a ladder, then climb up onto your roof, and somehow guess that the hole you are about to carve is precisely where you need it to be! Not to mention if the weather is a factor.


Inclement Weather

You are more likely to notice problems in your roof during inclement weather – you probably aren’t going to see a leaky roof in dry weather. So this is another thing you need to worry about. On top of having to climb onto a potentially slippery roof and magically locate where you need to perform this roof flashing installation, you have to make sure the snow or ice or rain doesn’t impact the flashing’s seal.


But no more. With Kozy Kollar, your roof flashing got much more accessible to install. You don’t have to climb onto your roof at all so that any weather-related concerns will disappear. Additionally, our product is kept in place using heavy pressure, not reliant on a seal. This means you don’t have to worry about rain or other factors affecting its performance. Also, when you install from indoors, you have much more flexibility about where to put the flashing.


In conclusion, Kozy Kollar’s revolutionary roof flashing installation is safer, more comfortable, and less expensive than alternative methods.  You don’t have to worry about climbing on your roof in poor weather, or whether the product’s seal will last. You also don’t have to hire a professional for the project – our roof flashing can be installed by one person in under ten minutes. If you have any installation or product questions, feel free to give us a call at  (603) 598-1192.