Why Do We Make Our Products in the USA?

roof flashingAll our products get made in America. Manufacturing in the U.S. provides a lot of benefits to our customers and us. Take a look at why making roof flashing in the USA is important, and why you should care.

American-made means quality. There are high quality and safety standards in place at US manufacturing plants that overseas factories can ignore. Things manufactured in China or Japan may be much cheaper for the manufacturer, but the quality is not comparable. Domestic manufacturing also means all materials are safe.

When manufacturing gets done in America, then that means the manufacturing jobs stay within the country. These jobs help stimulate the economy, and everyone wins. When the manufacturing jobs remain within the US, then you can also be sure that the people working these jobs are safe and protected by local labor laws.

Without the cost of shipping products overseas, we’re able to keep the price of our roof flashing products down. We pass the savings to you, so you’ll get a quality product at a value cost. Without overseas shipping, there is less of an impact on the environment as well. There are fewer carbon emissions, which means that our products don’t contribute to climate change.

When we manufacture our products in America, we’re not only helping the country but our local community. We started as a small company just wanting to help local homeowners and contractors avoid the dangers of climbing onto roofs—today we’re able to spread that help everywhere.

Contact Kozy Kollar today to learn about our products, and learn why these made in the USA products are worthwhile for homeowners, contractors, and construction teams. Our goal is to help you be safe when installing roof flashing, no matter where you need to do it. Call today to learn more!