What Is Pipe Flashing and Why Is It Important?

There are multiple systems and appliances that vent to the exterior of your home. Whenever a pipe or vent runs to the outside of your home, leaks become an issue that you need to guard against. At Kozy Kollar, we think that it should be easy to protect your home from the elements, which is why we have the safest and easiest pipe flashing kit on the market. If you have never installed flashing before, you may have some questions about it.

Here’s what pipe flashing is and why you need to install it on your house.

pipe flashing

Pipe Flashing and Your Roof

You don’t want any holes in your roof. Except the ones you put there on purpose. If you have a pipe or furnace exhaust that vents through your roof, water, dirt, or debris can get in through that hole unless you install flashing. If you need to install or replace pipe flashing, you will notice leaks in your roof. That can lead to water damage and mold, so you should deal with it right away. If you replace your roof, you also need to replace the flashing. To keep an eye on the condition of your flashing, you should check it once a year.


Two Important Pieces

Pipe flashing, also sometimes called a “roof boot,” is made of two pieces, one rubber and one metal. The rubber piece, the flange, fits snugly—like a boot—over the pipe or furnace exhaust to form a watertight seal. The metal piece protects the rubber and the roof from the elements. That layer of rubber is important because it expands and contracts with changes in temperature without cracking or breaking. The flanges in the flashing kits Kozy Kollar sells are temperature graded up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. So you don’t have to worry about heat damage if you are installing it over a furnace exhaust.

roof vent boot

Pipe Flashing Made by Cozy Kollar

Protecting your house is important. It’s where your family lives. You need to know that nothing gets in unless you want it to. And that includes any water—or anything else—that might try to get through your roof. Check out all our products or contact us at (603) 598-1192 when you’re ready to install pipe flashing on your home.