What Is Metal Roof Flashing?

Flashing is both a method and a device used for keeping water from entering your home. Although flashing can be made from a variety of products, metal is the most common.  Providing flexibility and durability, metal roof flashing is your home’s safest defense against water penetration.  Typically installed at intersecting roofing, Kozy Kollar has created an alternate solution breaking the boundaries of what we once knew.

Traditional Metal Flashing

Traditionally, flashing is located around the base of chimneys and skylights.  Installed with precise overlapping, the technique has been applied during construction for hundreds of years.  If properly installed, flashing will help deter water to the ground protecting from water seepage.  However, because of the many stresses that flashing is subject to, it can be prone to damage over time.  Elements such as the hot summer sun and the cold winter winds create two different effects on flashing.  Thus, a product that can handle expansion and contraction without losing its integrity is essential for reliable weatherproofing.

Today’s Innovation

One of the many unique features of Kozy Kollar is that is can also be used for metal roof flashing.  Easily installed from the inside of your home, the Kozy Kollar forms a weather-tight seal around all four sides.  Thus, problems caused by wind, rain, and other natural elements are eliminated.  Further, Kozy Kollar works with conventional shingles, architectural shingles, rolled roofing materials, as well as metal roofs. 

If you’re in the market for metal roof flashing, consider Kozy Kollar.  An alternative to traditional methods, Kozy Kollar provides all of the benefits you’d expect with more.  Taking your safety into consideration, Kozy Kollar is the safest and easiest roof flashing installation kit on the market.  Visit Kozy Kollar online for more information and specifications.