The Most Effective and Simple Roof Vent Boot Available

With spring finally in the air, now is a good time to find out if you need new roof flashing. After the seemingly endless pounds of snow have melted off of your roof, you can now more accurately check it for water damage. It’s rather easy to know if you need a new roof vent boot or new roof flashing by checking the environment in your attic. Instead of climbing on the roof yourself or spending a great deal of money for someone else to inspect your roof, you can simply check the attic for wet spots and mold formation from inside your attic.

At Kozy Kollar, it is our intension to keep you safe and off of roofs in the first place. That’s the main reason behind the advent of our one of a kind roof vent boot. We also designed our unique form of roof flashing to save you money. Our product is designed to be easily installed by one man in 10 minutes. Installing roof flashing the traditional way; by hiring roofers who will charge you a great deal of money for labor and supplies, our roof vent boot can safely be installed by yourself with results that are just as effective as if professionally installed.

One of a Kind Roof Flashing

roofing tiles on roofAs easy as it is to install our roof flashing, one may think that it’s simply not as effective as traditional roof flashing. However, our roof vent boot works amazingly on a wide variety of roofs. Whether you have a shingled roof, an architectural shingled roof, a metal roof, or a roof made of rolled roofing material, our roof vent boot is versatile enough to effectively work on them all. Our product is designed for roofs that are flat to 14/12 pitch as well, so don’t worry about the design of your roof impeding installation of our roof flashing. Kozy Kollar’s roof vent boot works on a wide array of differently designed roofs.

And it’s easier than ever to get your hands on our unique roof flashing. With a reputation for providing such a high quality product that serves as a safe alternative to traditional roof flashing installation, we’ve gained connections with reputable suppliers all across the U.S. Simply by clicking here; you can search for a supplier near you by typing in your address. These suppliers know just how safe and effective our roof vent boot is so are proud to make our product available. Far too much money is wasted on installing roof flashing every year. Instead of shelling out more cash to keep your roof damage-free, let Kozy Kollar prove to you how advantageous and affordable our roof flashing really is.

If you’re interested in a safe and effective roof vent boot, contact us at: 603-598-1192