The Safest Roof Flashing In the Industry

When our founders set out to design and manufacture innovative, effective roof flashing, the primary goal was increased safety for those needing a new roof vent boot. It’s a common known fact that working on a roof is inherently dangerous. No matter how steep, how high, or how many safety precautions people take while working on a roof, the fact remains that it is a dangerous task.

In fact, a recent article released from CNBC collected data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to compile America’s 10 most dangerous jobs. Among the ten ranked professions, roofing ranked as the fourth most deadly job in America. Logging workers, fishers, and aircraft pilots and engineers are the only other professions that beat out roofing as the deadliest occupations in America.


Our Commitment to Excellence


Our argument that the best way to install roof flashing is from within your home, remains strong with statistics like these. Roofers generally work from the outside of buildings that are often multiple levels off the ground. The job is physical, and slip and fall accidents are unfortunately too common.

With a clear need for change, our team at Kozy Kollar put our heads together to create a solution that eliminates the many safety hazards of installing traditional roof flashing. Our answer is an industry game-changer. Designed to be easily installed by one person in 10 minutes from inside the home, our roof flashing installation kit is innovative, cost-effective, and works as effectively as any other type of roof flashing available on the market today.

Kozy Kollar works on various roof types, including metal roofs that are flat or go up to 14/12 pitch. Forming a weather-tight seal on all four sides, without having to take one step onto your roof, leaves customers with a win-win solution. Whether you have conventional or architectural shingles, or rolled roofing materials, Kozy Kollar is designed to seamlessly provide the ultimate solution in safety.

And, because it is easily installed, you save money by eliminating the need for a professional roofing team. Also removed is the need for purchasing expensive safety equipment, ladders, or facing OSHA fines. No, our roof vent boot was designed to keep you safe and your wallet unharmed.

For more information on the safest roof flashing available in today’s market, contact Kozy Kollar at 603-598-1192. Our mission is to provide the highest levels of safety at a cost that every homeowner can afford.


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