The Cheapest and Safest Roof Flashing Available

When we set out to design and manufacture effective roof flashing, our main goal was for the safety of anyone needing a new roof vent boot. It’s a common known fact that working on a roof is inherently dangerous. It doesn’t matter how steep a roof is, how high a roof is, or how many safety precautions people take while working on a roof, the fact remains that it is still dangerous to work on a roof.

In fact, in an article published by Forbes magazine entitled, “America’s 10 Deadliest Jobs,” roofing ranked as the fourth most deadly job in America. Only logging workers, fishers and related fishing workers, and aircraft pilot and flight engineers beat out roofing as the deadliest occupations in America.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Kozy Collar Roof Flashing KitIt is facts like this that support our argument that the best way to install roof flashing in your home is by using our Kozy Kollar roof flange. We were becoming tired of the many horror stories concerning traditional roof flashing installation so designed a product that eliminates the many safety hazards of installing roof flashing. Our product is designed to be easily installed by one man in 10 minutes from inside his home. And not only is our product safer and easier to install, but works as effectively as any other type of roof flashing available on the market today.

Our product works on a variety of roof types, including metal roofs, and forms a weather tight seal on all four sides without having to take one step onto your roof. And because it can easily be installed, you save money by not having to hire a traditional roof flashing company. You also won’t have to worry about buying expensive safety equipment, ladders, or facing OSHA fines either. No, our roof vent boot was designed to keep you safe and your wallet unharmed.

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