The Challenges of Installing Roof Flashing Outside

It’s a huge pain to install roof flashing. Mostly because it involves you making the laborious trek up to your roof. In the winter, this can feel like you’re hiking Mt. Everest, and in the summer you might sweat puddles onto your shingles. It’s probably always been easier and less dangerous to hire a contractor to handle roof flashing for you. Until now.roof flashing

The Kozy Kollar is the ONLY roof flashing product that you install yourself and from INSIDE your home. No more freezing hikes. No more close calls with heat stroke. Best of all, no more money spent on “professional” flashers.

To highlight why it’s not worth the effort or the risk to install traditional roof flashing, we’ve given you the three most formidable obstacles you face when you do it the old way.

ONE: SURVIVAL. Perhaps slightly hyperbolical, but even professional contractors die every year from roofing. And you’re probably not a professional contractor with a certified fall plan. If you’ve ever been on top of a roof, you know the prospect of falling to your death is never more palpable than when you’re trying to complete a technical task at an ungodly height. The best way to survive roof flashing installation: Don’t go on your roof. Now, it’s possible; but only with Kozy Kollar.

TWO: THE ELEMENTS. Climbing onto an icy roof might be one of the most dangerous domestic tasks you can attempt. Being on a roof is scary enough; when you’re at risk of slipping, it can be downright terrifying. The summer can be equally as onerous because roofs get extremely hot. So what happens if you have roof damage at the same time that a nor’easter or a heat wave is scheduled to arrive? You don’t have to wait for Spring flowers to install roof flashing. Just order the Kozy Kollar and you can avoid any type of hazardous condition.

THREE: COST. With the Kozy Kollar, roof flashing is both convenient and cheap. Your options for contracting the job to professionals are discouraging if you don’t want to empty your wallet. Plus, the tools and equipment you’ll need for a traditional flashing installation will probably cost you more than the tidy Kozy Kollar kit.

Because we care about the sustenance of your limbs and your life, Kozy Kollar offers you the safest, most convenient, and cheapest method available to instal roof flashing. You no longer need to grapple with death in order to prevent water damage in your home; just buy the Kozy Kollar!