Signs of Attic Mold & How You Can Prevent It


Winter is still here, but that doesn’t slow down mold growth. Here are some signs of mold growth in your attic.


Moisture may not be an obvious issue in the winter—or so you think. In fact, with all that thawing and freezing, moisture may be creating more of an issue than you’re prepared for in the spring. Frost can build-up on the underside of the roof sheathing in winter. Installing roof ventilation with Kozy Kollar is one of the main ways to prevent attic mold. Here are a few things to look out for if your roof isn’t properly ventilated.


Freezing & Thawing

It may feel dry and cold outside during the winter months, but that won’t stop attic mold from growing. After numerous freezing and thawing cycles, water vapor may get trapped in your attic. This happens without the proper ventilation, and water vapor may freeze if trapped on the underside of your roof. While mold may be easy to spot in the open, you may not notice it until it’s too late. 


Signs of Attic Mold:

  1. You start to notice water stains on your ceiling. Whether this is new or old, water staining should always be investigated
  2. You notice condensation or dripping water coming from smoke detectors, bathroom fans and ceiling fans. If you notice this, mold growth is highly likely
  3. GFI outlets tripping for no apparent reason. If you have plumbing installed in the attic which begins to leak, or you have a roof leak, it will often begin to trip the GFI outlets
  4. You notice a musty smell near or in the attic. Yup, mold smells! If you notice this, it’s a sure sign of mold growth
  5. Ice or frost starts to build under your roof sheathing. If you notice this, mold may have already begun to grow


Prevent Mold Growth

If left untreated, mold growth will create a toxic environment for you and your household, and no one wants that! If you notice mold growth in the winter months, your best bet is to call a professional mold remediator who can remove the mold safely. However, you can do the prep work before the winter winds blow and those temperatures dip:


Inspect Your Attic

This is an obvious one, but you should always ensure that your attic is dry before the cooler weather sets in during the Fall. Inspect the interior and the exterior for signs of moisture, including insulation, wood, drywall, and any vents where moisture can get in. If safety is a concern, be sure to hire a professional to inspect your attic and roof.


Update Your Bathroom Exhaust

After a frigid winter, freezing and thawing cycles can create attic mold. The best way to prevent this is to ensure your bathroom exhaust is dry and airtight. Need a new exhaust? Don’t worry about hiring a professional to install one—Kozy Kollar has everything you need to install your own exhaust safely and quickly from within your own home!!

  • We use UPC PV4 Approved Flashing, UPC PV4 Approved Flashing
  • Easily install our exhaust hood from inside within 10 minutes
  • Designed for 0 – Unlimited pitch roof
  • Use on most roofing: conventional, architectural, and rolled roofing materials
  • Provides a weather-tight seal on all four sides to eliminate any weather issues 
  • Install in any weather conditions


Reduce Attic Mold with Kozy Kollar

There is no need to hire a roofer; safely install your own Kozy Kollar exhaust today! Eliminate any attic mold issues this year with Kozy Kollar. Our products are proudly made in America and can easily be installed by one person in as little as 10 minutes. When you get a Kozy Kollar exhaust kit, you are taking away the danger of you or someone else getting on your icy roof. Save on money and installation time, with the security of knowing that the repair will last. Kozy Kollar is designed to last and protect your home against the weather and future leaks. It is made for conventional shingles and metal roofing for a weather-tight seal.


To learn more about Kozy Kollar, call our knowledgeable team at (603) 598-1192.