Should You Install Roof Flashing During the Winter

Living in New England there is no escaping the varying seasons. While they’re beautiful, some times of the year are better suited for certain projects than others. For instance, when you consider roof flashing installation, the middle of winter doesn’t tend to be the most popular time of the year to tackle the project. That is before coming across Kozy Kollar, of course.


Unlike other manufacturers, Kozy Kollar provides the homeowner with a unique roof flashing installation method that puts time and safety above all else. These two things then lead us to the next question—


Roofing during the winter?

Yes! Adding an exhaust hood to your roof during the winter can certainly seem extreme. Let’s face it; having an open hole in your roof for an extended period means extremely high heating costs and slower productivity. Instead of hiring a roofing company that may take some time to complete the project, consider DIY to keep things easy and on task.

Roof flashing is the best alternative not only to a gaping hole in your house but also escaping heat. The roof is sealed against the elements as you tackle exhaust hood installation. Even if you can’t finish the installation in a single day, flashing will keep your interior protected.


Forget about climbing on the roof.

When it comes to any type of roofing project in the winter, the number one concern is safety. Not only do you have to worry about keeping the cold out, but you also have to consider the dynamics. With flashing from Kozy Kollar, the need to climb onto the roof is eliminated. Thus, you have a safer solution no matter what season you are in.

The innovative product line offers customers installation that is often completed within minutes by a single person – from the interior of your home!


Quick, Easy Installation

Installing roof flashing for an exhaust hood is easier than most think when using the Kozy Kollar installation kit. In three easy steps, your project will be complete, your safety remains first, and the weather stays where it belongs – outside! Simply cut the hole, install the flashing (from the comfort of your home), and seal.


roof flashing

Roof Flashing from Kozy Kollar makes life simple!

There’s no more waiting until winter is over with Kozy Kollar products a click away! Check us out on Amazon or give our team a call at 603.598.1192 to learn more!