Roof Flashing Made Easy

When it comes to your home’s roof, what is of upmost importance is that it keeps water from seeping into the roof’s shingles and eventually into your home itself. After all, we’ve all heard the clichéd phrase, “keeping a roof over your head.” This statement actually rings true when concerning the overall maintenance of your roof and home. Roof flashing is the most common form of keeping the corners and crevices of your roof as air tight as possible. And keeping nature’s elements from penetrating your roof will always be an important aspect of owning a home. Especially around this time of the year, when winter storms bring snow, hail, and freezing wind down upon your home’s roof. Regardless of the weather, however, your roof will need some form of flashing.

Another problematic aspect of winter is it makes for an icy, slippery, and dangerous roof to work on. And, traditionally, roof flashing is a job that requires installation from on top of the roof to be effective. This leaves room for any number of safety hazards. With traditional roof flashing, you’ll need expensive extension ladders, safety equipment, and may even require OSHA permits to do the job correctly.

Avoid the Dangerous Terrain Your Roof Can Become

As any roofer will tell you, falling off of a roof can be your worst nightmare. But with Kozy Kollar, you can easily install airtight roof flashing from inside your home.

An image showing Kozy Kollar's roof flashing kit.

So first of all, you can forget about having to deal with an icy roof when undergoing a roof flashing job. You can also forget about needing ladders, safety equipment, staple guns, tin snips, and caulking, because our Kozy Kollar unit will create an air tight surface on the troublesome spots of your roof with far less frustration, danger, costs, and labor. Our product comes in 2”, 3”, and 4” sizes for any of your roof flashing needs and can be easily installed from inside your home by one man in ten minutes alone. So feel free to peruse our website and see just how easy roof flashing can be with Kozy Kollar!

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