Radon Vent Flashing: A Better Alternative

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is linked to many cases of lung cancer. Coming from the breakdown of uranium in soil, rock, and water, this gas is colorless, odorless, and disperses rapidly. Often, without any notice from the homeowner. Because of the high-risk involved with this gas, radon vent flashing is usually required for optimal safety. This type of flashing draws out the gas and releases it back into the outside air. However, like most flashing, installation is not always the safest procedure.


radon vent flashing

Radon vent flashing

Often, this type of roofing flashing involves many of the same characteristics of traditional flashing. For example, one must pick the optimal location, climb atop the roof, cutting and removing shingles, proper installation of materials, caulking, and so on. For some, this may be second nature. However, for many, this task is not only overwhelming but can quickly become dangerous.


Roof flashing installed from inside of your home

Yes, you read that correctly. At Kozy Kollar, we’re innovators. We are homeowners. We are a team committed to providing solutions with your safety as a priority.

Consider the above process for roof flashing installation. Now, consider the same outcome, but without ever having to climb atop your home’s roof. With the innovative solution created at our shop, traditional radon vent flashing concerns have become a thing of the past. Simply locate, cut, fit, and install – all from the comfort of inside your home. Three easy steps requiring only one person and your vent flashing is installed, radon can escape, and you can sleep better.


For a more in-depth, detailed look at the installation instructions, click here.



Kozy Kollar products are proudly made in the United States, help avoid costly OSHA fines, and avoid high Worker’s Compensation claims. Giving all of the benefits, there is really nothing to lose by giving these innovative solutions a try!

Gone are the days of unsafe radon vent flashing. Contact Kozy Kollar today for more information (603) 598-1192.