Over Shingle Flashing: Changing the Future One Roof At A Time

Roof flashing is generally a thin sheet of metal used to divert water away from seams and joints on your roof. Without flashing, water can sit, becoming a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Once moisture settles, homeowners can also face costly repair needs as structural rot can then occur. Regardless, flashing can be a dangerous and tricky installation. Lucky for you, you’ve found Kozy Kollar! Here, we’ve engineered over shingle flashing that is not only quick to install, but it can also be installed from the safety of inside your home!


Safe installation

One of the most significant benefits of over shingle flashing is the safety it provides. While roofers generally work from the outside of the home, slip and fall accidents are unfortunately a common problem. As one can imagine, a fall from multiple stories above ground can be devasting. So, having a solution that eliminates this concern is a game-changer.

With Kozy Kollar, weather-tight seals are formed from a safe installation performed inside of your home. Whether you are accessing your attic or need bathroom flashing, we have the solution.


over shingle flashing

Quick and easy installation

As if having access to one of the safest products on the market wasn’t enough, we’ve taken things a step further. Kozy Kollar over shingle flashing can be installed by a single person in less than ten minutes. Yes, you read that correctly. Now, you may be wondering if over shingle flashing is available only for specific roofing types.

The answer is no. Kozy Kollar has created a solution safe for various roof types. From flat to metal roofs and pitches up to 14/12, our product is compatible and seamless with many different types of roofing materials.



When it comes to home repair and upgrades, expenses can quickly add up. However, by eliminating the need to hire a roofing contractor, you can save thousands of dollars. Furthermore, expensive safety equipment, ladders, and OSHA fines are also no longer a concern.


If you require flashing, it’s time to consider over shingle flashing from Kozy Kollar. For more information on the safest roof flashing available in today’s market, contact Kozy Kollar at (603) 598-1192.