Order Our Safe and Effective Metal Roof Flashing Online Today!

Metal roof flashing from Kozy KollarAt Kozy Kollar, we’re making it easier than ever to get metal roof flashing that’s easy and safe to install. With authorized dealers located all across the country and the ability to order our roof vent boot online, you’ll see that finding our products has become significantly more convenient. You can order our metal roof flashing product directly online by visiting www.witwaysupply.com or locating one of our authorized dealers near you.

Simply by clicking here, you can easily find an authorized Kozy Kollar dealer near you. Our suppliers have significantly grown in numbers because of the growing popularity of our product. Unlike traditional metal roof flashing, our roof vent boot is designed to keep you from having to climb onto your roof to install your flashing. Instead, our product can be easily installed from the safety of the inside of your home by one person in about ten minutes.

Growing in Popularity

The easy installation process and high quality results of our roof vent boot are why dealers all across the country have chosen to make it available to the public. Metal roof flashing is an essential part of home ownership. It works to keep your roof free of water damage and ensures a safer home and indoor environment. Without proper roof flashing, nature’s elements have an easier chance of finding their way into your home; potentially causing structural damage and producing breeding grounds for mold and mildew.

So, when you start to notice problem areas in your roof, forget about climbing onto your roof or hiring an expensive roofer to climb onto your roof, and order one of our Kozy Kollar metal roof flashing units today!

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