Keeping You and Your Family Safe with Effective Roof Flashing

The roof of your home is meant to shield you and your family from nature’s elements. A good roof should keep out all the potentially damaging or even dangerous forms of weather from harming the inside of your home. Our roofs get hit with everything from high winds, hard rain, tons of snow, and much, much more. All of which could lead to home damage and even health hazards. One underestimated threat to our families’ health and safety is the bacteria and mold that can develop on a roof without effective roof flashing. All the moisture that collects on top of a roof can become a perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria that may have very significant effects on people susceptible to allergic reactions to mold.

Without a water tight roof, continued exposure to moisture and humidity will eventually produce mold that can expose your family to a great deal of health issues. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has associated continued mold exposure to a number of health hazards.

The Threats Posed by Mold and Bacteria

For people with sensitive allergic reactions, touching or breathing in mold or mold spores can lead to hay fever-type symptoms like red eyes, sneezing, a runny nose, and irritating skin rashes. And, even to people that are less susceptible to allergic reactions to mold, continued exposure to mold and bacteria does have the potential to make these people more prone to harmful allergic reactions.

Roof flashing is supposed to make the problematic crevices and creases in your roof more airtight. Areas of your roof like around a chimney or those hard angled spots where peaks jut out are where effective roof flashing is needed to keep moisture from invading your home. The mold produced by moisture is also very damaging to the health of those with pre-existing conditions like asthma or a weakened immune system. Exposure to mold can trigger asthma attacks and even cause asthma-like conditions in people with no history of asthma problems. Even to people without pre-existing conditions that make them susceptible to the negative effects of mold, more common irritants like athlete’s foot, yeast infections, and skin rashes can still pose a threat.

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