How to Solve Your Bathroom Vent Mold Problem

bathroom vent mold


Bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in your entire home. However, due to the additional moisture that can build up quickly, they are also the most at risk for mold accumulation. Here at Kozy Kollar, we know how vital it can be to have proper ventilation. Our exhaust hood offers a solution to bathroom vent mold and can be installed in less than ten minutes from inside your house. Here are a few tips for how to keep mold out of your bathroom. 


Turn on the Fan 


Although it is a simple step, it is constantly forgotten. By switching on the fan before you hop in the shower you can suck up a lot of that moisture before it settles on your walls. In addition to running the fan while you are showering, make it a habit to leave it running even after your shower. We recommend thirty minutes to an hour after you shut the water off. If you don’t have a built-in bathroom fan, a regular fan will work as well. 


Keep Your Shower Door or Curtain Open Afterwards


This step will specifically help minimize mold build-up in your shower itself. After a shower makes sure you leave the shower door or shower curtain open. This will allow the moisture to not be so confined to such a small space. 


Wash Linens More Often 


How often are you washing your towels, bath mats, or shower curtain? It likely isn’t enough. Your towel and bath mats specifically are collecting massive amounts of water which is why they need to be washed more frequently. Make it a habit to wash your towel and bath mats together every 2-3 uses. Additionally, making it a priority to wash your shower curtain and shower liner regularly will eliminate moisture and therefore mold as well! 


Check Attic for Mold


The likelihood is, if your bathroom is not being vented properly to the outdoors then it is venting somewhere in your home. Oftentimes that turns out to be your attic or rafters. Regardless, this can be both damaging and dangerous. Toxic mold build-up in an attic is something that needs to be corrected immediately. That is where Kozy Kollar comes in!


Bathroom Vent Mold Solution with Kozy Kollar


While these strategies will help minimize your bathroom vent mold issue, they can’t eliminate the problem altogether if the vent is not leading to the outdoors. At Kozy Kollar, our exhaust hood is made to solve just these types of issues. It is safe due to its design which allows installation from inside your home. Additionally, it is simple to install and can be in place in 10 minutes. Even better, it’s a weather-tight seal that works on conventional shingles, architectural shingles, rolled roofing materials, and metal roofs. 


For more information about our bathroom vent mold solutions, contact us today by calling (603) 598-1192.