Do You Need New Vent Flashing?

At Kozy Kollar, we know that the best judge of our success comes from our customers. That’s why we consistently strive to keep you well informed when it comes to damaged roofs and the newest innovations to avoid uncostly repairs. As many of us know, a damaged roof can lead to frame damage, mold and mildew growth, and a heavily compromised attic if the issue is not addressed immediately. Frequently, the primary source of roof damage is from elements of the roof that have access to the outdoors. Areas around your chimney, your metal vent flashing, roof flange, and any areas around your roof flashing are usually susceptible to potential environmental factors that can lead to water damage.

Luckily, with Kozy Kollar, these areas are easily addressed. That being said, sometimes the inevitable happens.  That dreaded trip to the roof is, sometimes, the best way to assess any damage and locate the primary source of water entry. While we make it a point to avoid going onto your roof to fix a problem area, sometimes an inspection from the outside is, unfortunately, necessary.


There are a few ways to inspect a roof from the exterior of your home.  First, and most obvious, is a visual examination.  Looking for lifted or damaged shingles, these are typically the source of unwanted water entry.  However, if a visual inspection doesn’t provide the solution you’re searching for, it may be time to check the vent flashing.  Contacting your local team of roofing professionals is typically the best bet in this area.


What to Look For

While on your roof, as we mentioned, looking for damaged shingles is the first go-to.  Whether lifted, damaged, or spots that appear to be holding extra moisture, these shingles will require added attention.

Your next area of attention will be the roofing accessories, such as the vent boot.  If any element has raised or is damaged due to extreme weather conditions, your venting may be suffering in integrity.  Rust is a sure sign that your flashing may need to be repaired.

If your roof is leaking or experienced damage, contact our team at 603-598-1192.  Our team of experts can assist you in finding the easiest, cost-efficient, and safest roofing solution available.