Can the Kozy Kollar be installed in the rain?

The Kozy Kollar seal depends on compression not the gasket sealant so rain or moisture does not affect the installation.

I am positioning the Kozy Kollar from inside the building and cannot see how it is lining up with the shingle rows or gap between the shingles tabs. How do I know it is sealing those gaps and ridges?

It does not matter how the Kozy Kollar lines up with the shingle rows or tabs. The Kollar, when torqued correctly, will compress the Main Seal and the shingles to form a continuous seal.

If I detect a drip can I re-tighten the Kozy Kollar?

The kollar can be torqued to specifications anytime after installation. If the drip persists remove the lower mounting plates to verify the cutting of the roof did not extend into gasket area of the kozy kollar. We do not recommend tightening beyond 8 ft. lbs.

If I cut the hole and the cut isn’t perfectly on the marked template, will it work?

It will work as long as the cut out does not extend into the gasket area of the Kollar. If the hole is too small just trim the area where the studs go through, the EV-4 may require trimming to fit the hood through.

Can I install it with snow or ice on the roof?

Yes, just brush the snow away from the gasket area. The ice will need to be removed, if you install the Kozy Kollar over ice, the Kollar will leak when the ice eventually melts.

On metal roofs should I protect the Kozy Kollar from sliding ice and snow?

Yes, any vent pipe regardless of the flashing system used needs to be protected with an Ice Guard, Snow Guard or our favorite a Ventsaver guard.

Will the Kozy Kollar work with a double wall metal flue pipe?

No. If the flue pipe requires a clearance from combustibles, it is not compatible with Kozy Kollar.

Can it be installed on a wood or slate roof?

The rigid, irregular surfaces of these materials will not allow the Kozy Kollar to compress enough to make a watertight seal.  It is not recommended.

How long can I expect a Kozy Kollar to last on my roof?

The Kozy has been on roofs for over twenty years without a problem. Every Kozy Kollar we make uses the same EPDM rubber formula the first ones were molded with.  We believe it’s safe to assume a Kozy Kollar molded today would also last at least 20 years.

How many layers of shingles will it work on?

It’s designed for one layer but you may get away with two.  We know from customers’ experiences that it will not work on a roof with four layers. The old layers are well past the service life and only crumble when pressure is applied.

When I tighten my Kozy Kollar the Sub Frame distorts. Why are they bending and will it damage the Kollar?

The outer edge of the Sub Frame bends by design to help indicate when close to 3 ft lbs. We ask that the Kozy Kollar is tightened to 3 foot pounds on shingles and 6 foot pounds for metal roofs. The ¼’’ female standoffs in the Main Frame are designed for 15 ft lbs. Breaking the Kollar is not a concern but a torque wrench is highly recommended.

Can I use the EV-4 as a dryer vent?

It can, but when used a dryer vent, the ¼’ screen must be removed. An inline lint filter and regular service are highly recommended.