Cheaper, More Effective Roof Flashing

At Kozy Kollar, we know that our one of a kind roof vent boot provides the most effective and safest roof flashing available. Not only do you not have to risk your life climbing onto a treacherous roof, but you also save a great deal of money when choosing to use our product as opposed to traditional forms of roof flashing. With traditional roof flashing, installation occurs outside of the home, and on top of the roof. This leaves room for a variety of potentially dangerous scenarios. In the summer, you can suffer heat strokes and in the winter, you can risk slipping and falling off of your roof.

While using our Kozy Kollar will keep you from having to climb onto your roof, it can also play another very important role during the winter months; keeping your attic well ventilated. During winters with heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures, ice dams are liable to form on your roof’s eaves, shutting off important ventilation areas in your roof. Ice dams are thick slabs of ice that form on your roof’s eaves and block water flow from your roof. If your roof isn’t ventilated properly, it heats up unevenly, melting ice in the center of your roof but not on the corners of your roof.

Keeping Your Home Safe
Icicles hanging from a frozen roof.

Without an effective roof vent boot like the kind Kozy Kollar makes available, your attic can become a poorly ventilated place where moisture can’t escape from. This build up of moisture can lead to a number of problems. Structural damage, damage to your home’s insulation, and mold build up are all symptomatic of a poorly ventilated attic. If left untreated, the moisture buildup inside your attic will eventually require expensive structural repair and the buildup of mold in your attic can leave you and your family exposed to the many health risks associated with long term mold exposure.

In order to keep your roof and attic healthy during the winter months, it is essential that you ventilate your roof by using Kozy Kollar’s unique roof vent boot. This helps to ensure that your attic is well ventilated and that the heat building up in your attic is more evenly distributed throughout the underside of your roof. With a more even distribution of heat under your roof, the chances of your roof developing ice dams at your roof’s edges greatly diminishes. This will improve the overall indoor air quality of your home as well as decrease the risk of ice dams forming around your roof.

For a substantial monetary amount less, our roof flashing can save you time, money, and safety when compared to traditional forms of roof flashing installation.

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