Repair Your Roof In the Winter with Roof Flashing

One of the scariest things that could happen to your roof during the winter months is for it to obtain damage and begin to leak. Unfortunately, these things have a way of happening at the worst possible times. So, can a roof be repaired during winter? Simply stated, yes! Kozy Kollar has the safest and easiest roof flashing installation kit on the market! In fact, it is the only roof flashing installed in any weather condition, including typical winter conditions, and you can do it in the safety of the inside of your home. 


The Difference Between Kozy Kollar and a Traditional Roofer. 

A roofing project can be dangerous for anyone, especially when there is ice on the surface. We understand that, and we know that when disaster hits, you need a repair fast. Our roof flashing kits make it easy to patch up leaks from the nasty weather outside your home without the need to put your boots on. The repair with a Kozy Kollar kit only needs one person and about 10 to 15 minutes of your time. 


More Affordable Option

However, if you call a roofer to assist you with the repair, it could take days to even get someone to come out to your home. On top of that, they will have a dangerous job to perform as they may not have the technology to repair inside. On top of this is the cost between hiring a roofer or getting our super-simple roofing kit. Our Kozy Kollar kit only costs $96 to $196, depending on the type of kit that you get. Traditional roofers can cost you hundreds of dollars more, with both products and services costing anywhere between $300 to $1,000.


The Benefits of Kozy Kollar’s Roof Flashing Kit

When you get a Kozy Kollar roof flashing kit, you are taking away the danger of you or someone else getting on your icy roof. With easy installation, cost differences, and time, you also get the security of knowing that the repair will last. Kozy Kollar is designed to last and protect your home against the weather and future leaks. It is made for conventional shingles and metal roofing for a weather-tight seal. 


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