How to Find Out if You Need New Roof Flashing

At Kozy Kollar, we know that the best judges of our success are our customers. That’s why we consistently strive to keep them well informed when it comes to damaged roofs.  A damaged roof can lead to frame damage, mold and mildew growth, and a heavily damaged attic if not addressed immediately. A great deal of the time, the source of a roof damage is around parts of the roof that have access to the outdoors. Areas around your chimney, your metal roof flashing, your roof flange, your roof vent boot, and any areas around your roof flashing are usually susceptible to potential environmental factors that can lead to water damage in your roof.

Luckily, with Kozy Kollar, these areas are easy to fix. However, sometimes, you may just have to get up on your roof and find water the old fashioned way: with a ladder, a hose, and a good friend. While we make it a point to not have to ever go on your roof to fix a problem area, sometimes an inspection from the outside is, unfortunately, necessary.

An image showing a ladder leading up to a damaged roof.

Whenever you start to suspect that your roof has problems, of course you start checking the areas that are most susceptible to the outside environment’s damaging effects. When you find that these areas are, in fact, watertight, however, the source may be harder to find. One way to track down a where water is entering is to get on your roof with a hose and have someone inside your home to let you know if they see any water coming through your roof.

What to Look For

While on your roof, first look for damaged shingles by looking for extra wet spots or missing or loose nails. If you can’t find anything right away, run some water from your hose down your roof and around the suspected area. Have a friend inside the house let you know if he or she sees any water coming through the roof. Don’t be afraid to lift shingles around an suspected area . Just be as careful as possible while on your roof. You don’t want to endanger yourself unless it is entirely necessary. When you do eventually find the source of your roof’s problems, you can then go back inside your house and easily take care of it with roof flashing from Kozy Kollar. Once you find a problematic area, you can safely install our roof vent boot from the safety of the inside of your home.

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